April 16, 2013.


We at the Star Jasmine Foundation were so saddened to hear of the recent passing of Jonathan Winters, our Honorary Chairperson.  Our condolences to the family, friends, neighbors and world legion of fans.


I will never forget my first meeting with Jonathan and his wife in 1990 when we had dinner together at my house.  He wanted two desserts but his wife said, "Only one."  Of course he wanted me to sneak him another piece.  He was so witty and funny with every breath and he had a heart of gold. 


We were in the process of producing our "Star Jasmine" music CD in memory of my daughter, Jasmine and told him it was to inspire and comfort those who have lost a loved one, and proceeds would go to purchase musical instruments for at-risk children.  He was so touched that he wrote a wonderful endorsement letter for the foundation and accepted the name of Honorary Chairman. That letter was enough to receive the support of some of the greatest music artists of our time ..... Van Morrison, Ginger Baker, Kenny Loggins, Dave Mason, Jackson Browne, to name a few.   


So thank you, Mr. Jonathan Winters.  We could not have done it without you and we will never forget your loving support and kindness.  You will be missed!  You may read a copy of his letter at our foundation website www.starjasminemusic.org.



Nancy Lee Earle, Founder/Executive Director

Star Jasmine Foundation

631 1/2 N. Milpas St.

Santa Barbara, CA



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