Mission Statement: 

Through music and mentoring, we provide a path to self improvement and transform the lives of the underserved members of our community. Inspiring and healing through musical experiences and enhancing the lives of all ages, in a creative and caring environment.

The Star Jasmine Music Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization established in 1996 in Santa Barbara, California.  The passing of Nancy Earle's young daughter, Jasmine, inspired Nancy to create the foundation in her honor.  Nancy has devoted herself to creating opportunities for the youth in our community through music. 

She is recognized by the City of Santa Barbara as a hero through her relentless devotion to reaching out to our youth by giving them an expense free opportunity to explore music.  In 2007 she opened a music school, recording studio and exploration center called JAMS, with the help of her husband, Jim Cochran, her Son's Cody Wheatley and Shane Bitts, and her friend Norm Waitt and his Kind World Foundation.


Through JAMS MUSIC (Jasmine Alternative Music School) our foundation provides a nurturing environment for youth to explore music offering instruction, rehearsal space, a complete range of musical instruments and a state of the art Pro-Tools recording studio.


Studies have shown that music education helps with self-esteem, social integration and academic achievement.  JAMSMUSIC serves at risk youth, outreach programs, hospitals and schools including Girls Inc., Pathpoint, San Marcos High School and the Braille Institute.


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